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Our Services

Comprehensive financial planning:

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive plan covering all aspects applicable to your financial situation.  It would include as many of the following that are applicable.
  • Retirement planning - establishing goals, implementing a savings plan, and  determining distribution alternatives
  • Education planning – determining amounts needed and the timing, identify funding sources and implement savings plan
  • Life special events planning – identify events or goals you wish to achieve, estimate funding and implement savings plan
  • Assets and income protection review – determine insurance needs for health, disability, home, auto, life and liability by identifying areas of risk and potential financial loss
  • Care plan for loved ones – Consider costs of long term health care for yourself and family members and implement a funding plan
  • Investment plan – Develop personalized investment strategy and construct a portfolio with an asset allocation customized to your risk profile
  • Estate plan – Determine how you wish to distribute your assets and structure a plan to accomplish your wishes. Use of wills and trusts may be beneficial.
  • Tax Planning – Structure each area of the financial plan to take advantage of tax efficient strategies
  • Budgeting – Review income and expenses and structure customized solution

Investment Management

As a registered investment advisor, MFS provides investment advice and asset management services.  If you wish to handle your own investments, but want guidance in putting together a portfolio or asset allocation, we can assist you with that.  Or if you want someone to manage your assets, full investment management services are provided.

  • Investment philosophy  
    • Building wealth requires a long-term vision to investing.  In the short term, markets are unpredictable. 
    • Owning companies (equities) is preferred over lending to them (bonds). Since 1926, equities have outperformed bonds 2 to 1.
    • Diversification among various asset classes reduces risk and fluctuation in portfolio returns.
    • A global allocation enables you to capture returns in growing economies worldwide.
  •  Recommended approach
    • Use no load mutual funds and exchange traded funds to invest in multiple asset classes and take advantage of professional asset management at low cost.
    • Monitor fund performance and rebalance quarterly as needed. 
  • Custody of assets
    • All accounts are held in your name at the custodian of your choice.  MFS recommends Shareholders Service Group as custodian if you have no preference.


  • Financial Planning
    Hourly basis @ $125/hour or
    Negotiated fixed fee based on complexity and timeframe for planning
  • Asset Management
    .55% per year on assets of $2 million or less
    .45% for assets $2,000,001 to $10,000,000
    Negotiable on assets exceeding $10 million
    $2,000 minimum annual fee
  • Service agreement is required with $500 due at signing.